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I dont know nuthin about nuthin.

So as it has been well documented,i dont like much of anything. As my wife watches the grammy award and doritos music contest sponsered by gucci and featuring the cocacola dancers, I am reminded that i dont understand why anything is popular. The majority of this music is complete and absolute garbage with no talent or passion. Im not saying anything most of you don’t already know. It’s not like i think im breaking new ground speaking out against the grammys, its just such a confusing concept to me.


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Most helpful heckler ever…

You know that song “If you’re gonna play in Texas, you’ve gotta have a fiddle in the band” by the band Alabama?  I heard it on the radio again for the 100000th time one day and i heard something i’d never heard. The song says..

“I remember down in Houston we were puttin’ on a show
When a cowboy in the back stood up and yelled, “Cotton-Eyed Joe”!
He said, “We love what you’re doin’, boys don’t get us wrong
There’s just somethin’ missin’ in your song

If you’re gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band
That lead guitar is hot but not for “Lousiana Man”
So rosin up that bow for “Faded Love” and let’s all dance
If you’re gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band”

That is one intense heckle. I mean… usually hecklers say “you suck!” or ” summer of 69!” But this guy was positive. He told them what he didn’t like in a polite manner, but then on to give constructive criticism on what they can do to fix their problems in the band.  Honestly i cant believe everyone allowed him to finish.  Luckily they had a fiddle player the whole time and he just got his fiddle out and all was well. Its really a heart warming story.

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I blog, therefore i waste time.

So its been a while since ive posted anything for the 2 or 3 of you to read (hi mom!) Although that doesn’t really mean i haven’t had much going on. Oh ive had LOTS of stuff going on. Really cool stuff. Mostly top secret stuff i cant talk about though, so don’t worry about that. I can’t remember if i’ve mentioned, and i can’t imagine you’re reading this and don’t know, but my beautiful wife and i are expecting our first baby on January 9th. The baby is a girl and her name is Finley.  We’ve got the nursery in order and i’ve been buying diapers. Thats really all i know to do to prepare. We are really excited, which is good. Can you imagine if we weren’t and i blogged about it?

I got my bus drivers license and have been driving a bus 2 days a week for some extra money. It’s not bad at all. In fact, i would say i enjoy it. My only complaint is that the streets in the neighborhoods i have to drive in arent exactly marked, so im having to learn my way around via trash thats on the road. So if they end up hauling off the brown couch or the torn apart motorcycle, then im back to square one.

I used to be a musician but that really hasn’t been the case lately.  I have 0 shows booked. Ive played less in 2010 than i have in any year since 2002. Which is not really a good feeling but there really isn’t much i can do about it.  It looks like i might get to make the music for a web series a friend of mine will be making. Ive already written one song for it and the show promises to be funny, so it should be a fun project.

In other news, how about those miners in Chile? Crazy stuff.

Im FINALLY taking classes again, and will hopefully get my Teaching degree in the next decade. Somewhere around the time they decide teachers arent necessary and kids should be taught be robots. Or musicians who DO NOT have a degree.

It turns out i havent been blogging because i havent had anything funny to say, which is evident as this one draws to a close. As i’ve said before, they cant all be winners.

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Boredom Cake

One of the searches that lead to my blog was “Boredom Cake.”

What does that even mean?

a quick google search after i wrote the first part of this blog brings up that apparently i made up the phrase…and used it in a blog post i had forgotten about HERE.

Apparently its catching on and im to thank or blame. You are welcome, America.

** not REALLY catching on, but somebody searched for it and thats a start!

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You never hear about the “In the Army Now” curse, but if you look at the cast there clearly was one.

What’s odd, is somehow they were all cursed before they even made the movie. Especially David Allan Grier. The others atleast know their place in society. Grier actually thinks he’s funny. He is not funny though. I promise. David Allan Grier makes Pauly Shore and Andy Dick both look funny.

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Poor Stick Man…

1.If the tractor flips over,  try to make it kill you immediately. Having the tractor land on your head is a safe bet.

2. If the tractor won’t stop, try kicking it to a halt.

3. If this happens to you, you deserve it. This is a picture off of a hay rake and you would have to have a friend raise the rake while you lay down and have them close onto you. It could happen though. It happened to stick man.

4. Rubber man strikes again…


5. Dont kick fast moving blades.


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more misadventures of stick man.

Its blurry, but the tractor is eating stick man.

if power lines fall on the tractor, it will cook you.

round things roll.

tractors are not high dives.

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I found some more…

1. Dont do a back flip onto the brush hog(forward flips ok.)

2. no scissor kicking the brush hog.

3. The brush hog is a bully and will throw rocks at you.

4. This drive shaft makes you into a super hero known as rubber man.

5. Stay away from the brush hog at meal time.

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